Tonjé Bakang is the Founder & CEO of Afrostream, the “Netflix for African, African-American and Caribbean content” a streaming site serving the European and African markets.

In 2015, Afrostream was selected into the highly competitive start-up accelerator program “Y-Combinator.” By the end of the program, Tonjé and his team raised $ 4 million to run Afrostream – by the end of 2015 the company was valued at over $6 million.

Prior to founding Afrostream, Tonjé worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, first in music business as a creator of videos, then as a producer of comedy shows and theater. He scouted and mentored a new generation of comedians of color, and was the first to introduce stand-up comedy shows in France inspired by HBO Def Comedy Jam. His passion for storytelling led him to develop a screenplay for a major network in France and he will use this expertise to produce original content for Afrostream.

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