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The first live recording of the Insight Podcast was a success!  Huge shout out to everyone that attended.  Without you, this wouldn’t have happened.  I hope me, motivational speaker Jabari, and Actor Jeremy delivered and that you left a much better and motivated person.

This episode was about reaching your potential.  Potential is nothing if you don’t develop it.  And I brought Jeremy and Jabari on the show because they are two individuals who have realized their potential – Jabari as a motivational speaker and Jeremy as an actor

The night was filled with laughs, wisdom, and near-tear jerkers towards the end.  It was a pleasure to serve you all with an amazing night!

Please enjoy this amazing conversation.

Here you will learn:

07:50 – How Jeremy got into acting
10:00 – How Jabari became a motivational speaker
14:00 – Jeremy’s biggest hurdle along his journey
21:00 – Jabari’s biggest hurdle
29:00 – Jeremy’s smartest career decision
36:00 – Jabari’s smartest career move
39:50 – Jabari defines success
44:00 – Jeremy defines success
1:00:00 – The biggest reason why I started this podcast

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