My Story

I'm Jonathan Arias

Learning the Smart Way

After reading Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers,’ I became fascinated with the nuances that yield massive results. I, therefore, became obsessed with the best methods of learning. We all know that practice makes you better, but I strongly believe that just practicing is not enough. There are small things that masters do that novices don’t. I pondered on questions like:

  • How long should I practice?
  • When should I practice?
  • Can I practice in my mind?
  • Can I improve if I practice in my dreams? How do I even do this?
  • How do I practice through the boring, mundane tasks?
  • How do I optimize my energy to focus longer?

‘Just practice’ is not enough. Similar to opportunity, there are things that are not readily available to everyone, but they make a massive impact

More About Myself, the Host

Tragedy Struck

Life Has Never Been the Same

Skills Are What Separate You.

That’s what led me to create Insight: Conversations on Mastery, a resource dedicated to helping you master practical skills that will substantially improve your life. Here you will find insightful information from some of the most highly SKILLED INDIVIDUALS out there.