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Jonathan Roberts (@TruthLives4Ever) is a poet and author.  In 2016 he released his first book ‘Moments Notice,’ a pointed collection of poetry that incorporates conceptual photography and design into personal vignettes that insightfully examine the complex spectrum of the human experience. These penetrating artistic depictions of loss, lust, and love come together to form a cohesive body of work that challenges readers to intentionally consider an often unsettling question: am I living with a clear conscience?

Jonathan is dope because of his ability to express complicated, but universal, human experiences.   Lust, Love, and Lost are feelings central to the human experience. Lust ruins lives; love pushes us to do the impossible and; lost is an inevitable pain no one escapes.  I find it difficult to explain these things because it requires a deep look into myself.  And a deep look is painful because it reveals my shortcomings.  Jonathan beautifully captures these emotions because he fearlessly shares himself in this book.  Through this book, I learned a great deal about myself.

Writing is a critical skill that everyone should develop.  Communication through written word will probably never disappear, despite the advances in technology.  I brought Jonathan on the show to help us improve our writing.  He focuses on poetry, but the way he generates content applies to anyone.  Further, from his experience self-publishing his first book, Jonathan shares great advice for anyone aspiring to publish a book.

We just don’t focus on writing, though.  We also go into deeper issues like (1) why we ignore our consciousness and (2) what it means to live up to your word.

Here you will learn:
1. How to overcome writer’s block;

2. Important things to consider for publishing a book;

3. Why we ignore our conscious.


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