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Acting is one of those fields that our parents warned us about.  “It’s too risky!” the saying goes.  Because it’s a highly competitive industry, these are fair warnings and made in good faith.   After all, the truth is that not everybody ‘makes it.’

Sometimes raw skills aren’t enough.  Luck is necessary for success.  Despite this, there are ways that you can improve your chance of succeeding.  Networking and interning in the industry, for example, are great ways to gain exposure.  Knowing how to audition, or taking a great headshot, are small things that can shift lady luck on your side.  And this episode talks all about it.

In this episode, I brought on somebody who has enjoyed success as an actor by fearlessly diving into the field.  That man is Jeremy Burnett (@JeremyBurnett1).   As an up and rising actor with roles in popular shows such as Limitless, Bluebloods, Jessica Jones, and Woody Allen’s Crisis in Six Scenes, Jeremy is an excellent teacher for this episode.

I’ve known Jeremy since college, and it’s incredible to see his progress.  He didn’t immediately jump on the big screen though.  Funny enough, he began his career by taking an acting class to improve his GPA in college.  After receiving an A in the class, Jeremy further explored the field.  Years later, he’s on TV.

But his journey hasn’t been easy.  Criticism and rejection have been constant variables along his path.  But he hasn’t let them stop him.

If you want to be an actor, this episode is a must for you.

Here you will learn:

03:00 – Why Jeremy got into acting
08:00 – The toughest thing starting out as an actor
09:00 – How to deal with messing up in front of people
10:45 – How to get into a role
15:25 – Why certain actors establish relationships with each other
17:20 – How Jeremy remains humble
23:48 – What separates a good actor from a great actor
29:38 – The time Jeremy felt like quitting
32:20 – Jeremy’s approach to reading scripts
34:25 – What Jeremy would tell his 20-year old self


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Woody Allen’s Crisis in Six Scenes




Jessica Jones

Denzel Washington

Joseph Kony

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