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Jennifer Nnamani (@j.i.nnamani) is the founder and creative director of Beau Monde Society, a socially conscious and fashion-forward agency that aims to challenge the status quo through various projects. She’s also the founder of the NYC-based yearly fashion show ‘Fashion Envi,’ a production that focuses on fashion, the environment and life.

Jennifer is here on a mission. Growing up in Nigeria, Jennifer noticed the exploitation that the nation – specifically in the Niger Delta area – suffered for its crude oil. In 1937, Shell Corporation, under the authority of the ruling British Empire, received rights to explore for oil. Estimates calculate that over $600 billion has been gained from these oil exports while leaving many of the native people poor. Even worse, between 1976 and 1991, there were close to 3,000 oil spills that left the area devastated.

Noticing the destruction to her homeland, Jennifer embarked on a journey to improve the environment through her work.

Jennifer is a highly-motivated and passionate person, and I’m happy to bring her work to you!

Here you will learn:

1. A brief history of the oil exploitation in the Niger Delta area;
2. How to be environmentally conscious with your clothing;
3. Advice on how to throw a fashion show;
4. How Jennifer tells stories through fashion and photography

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