Public speaking is one of the most powerful tools you can develop.  At some point in your life, you will need to persuade a group of people on an idea.  After all, this is how ideas spread.

But speaking in front of people can be scary.  You fear that you’ll forget what to say, making you look like a fool.  But this shouldn’t stop you. And for these reasons, I got a professional public speaker on the show to help you.

As an energetic and powerful speaker, Jabari Hall (@IamJabariHall) has the impressive ability to motivate people.  As the founder of JHasHeart, an organization dedicated to teaching children social and emotional intelligence, Jabari has devoted his life to enhancing the learning experience for kids in need.   Through his many workshops and speeches, Jabari has influenced over 50,000 kids across the country.  When he isn’t speaking to the youth, he’s in the boardroom of companies teaching leadership and organizational skills.

Since Jabari speaks for a living, he’s the perfect teacher.  I picked Jabari for this episode because of his ability to captivate and motivate an audience.  If you get the pleasure of watching him perform, you will notice his ability to spread an idea.  Please sit back and enjoy this episode!

Here you will learn:

03:43 – How to prepare the content of a speech
04:40 – How to practice a speech
07:29 – How writing helps your speaking
08:13 – When Jabari made a speech on a crowded MTA train
12:23 – How to deal with nervousness before a speech
14:46 – How Jabari maintains high energy year-round
16:43 – The biggest mistakes speakers make in the beginning
21:53 – Jabari explains mastery
23:35 – How Jabari warms up his voice before a speech
32:19 – How to focus your breathing
35:00 – How to deal with hecklers
39:17 – Jabari closes with a powerful speech!

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On Instagram: @IamJabariHall

Check out his company JHasHeart

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