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The INSIGHT PODCAST with host Jonathan Arias aims to focus on helping millennials, as well as those of any age, go after what they want in life through conversations in defining and conquering MASTERY. In this first of a multiple live series, Discovering and Conquering One’s Passion is at the heart of the discussion.  Whether it is a skill you already possess or a passion hidden in the deep throes of one’s mind, you have yet to unlock, these conversations will provide inspiration and motivation to succeed and break the monotony of just living.

Step into the Light…..

Our Featured Guests:

Actor Jeremy Burnett

Actor Jeremy Burnett

Jeremy is an actor with over 10 years of experience. From his humble beginning in an introductory acting course in college, Jeremy has slowly risen through the ranks of the acting world. Despite the difficulties of the film industry, Jeremy’s passion for acting has led him to success. Due to his hard work, he’s worked on popular network television shows such as Blue Bloods, Limitless, and Blacklist. Jeremy has also worked with some of the top celebrities in the industry including Meghan Goode, Kevin Hart, and Woody Allen. In addition, he has appeared on Jessica Jones (Netflix) and he’s a recurring actor on Elementary (CBS).

Jabari Hall

Speaker Jabari Hall

Jabari Hall is an International Empowerment Speaker that delivers powerful and life-changing seminars. His message invokes your inner achiever to take control, and master your ability to succeed. His focus is to engage you, in a self-empowering, self-loving, self-igniting process to believe in you.

Jabari comes with 8+ years of speaking experience, 14 years of experience in other professional industries, and is the founder of J.Has.Heart – an organization that specializes in social and emotional learning for students in grades 3-12


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Jonathan Arias

Jonathan interviews talented individuals across a variety skillsets and industries and asks about their backgrounds, processes, and habits. Read his story.

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