The feet are an often neglected part of our body.  If you’re experiencing hip, knee or back pain, your feet may be the cause.  Considering that our feet hold our entire body weight throughout the day, we need to shift more attention to them.  Hip pain, for example, could be caused by a poor arch of the foot.

Every day we cram our feet into foot prisons – footwear that restricts the natural movement of our feet.  Our feet were meant to grasp the ground to give us feedback from the floor.  But with poor footwear, we lose this important feedback.  Most footwear is bad, and we don’t know it.  This comes from not knowing enough about the anatomy of the feet. And finally, feet are very strong.  And they’ll take years of abuse before showing signs of deterioration.

In this episode, I brought on Canadian based physical therapist Nick St. Louis from The Foot Collective, a health and wellness footcare company.  I randomly came across their page on Instagram and binged on all their content.  That same night, I threw away most of my shoes and bought better ones.  What I love about the company is their dedication to improving our lives through better foot care.

There are many ways to improve your lifestyle.  Reducing unnecessary pain is one way to do so.  And unnecessary pain is caused by the shoes you wear and how you treat your feet.

In this episode, Nick and I discuss the current state of foot health, how you can reclaim your feet, and what the Foot Collective has in store for the future!

Please make sure to check out Nick at the Foot Collective for more information.

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