DJ SuperNova (@DJSupernova) is a DJ, sound designer, and documentary filmmaker. Nova began his musical adventure in college by throwing small campus parties. But these parties didn’t remain small. Within his third year, Nova was hosting the biggest parties in town, being the go-to man for anything music related.

Nova’s success as a DJ comes from his amazing ability to give party-goers a musical experience. By carefully curating his music, Nova is deliberate in his music selection. But he’s not limited to parties. He’s also a sound designer for theatrical performances and was instrumental in the selling out of the Chicago Shakespear Theatre play ‘A Q Brother’s Christmas Carol.’

In 2017 Nova released “U(SA)”, a docuseries that gives an inside look at the growing South African hip-hop scene and introduces Americans to how artist across the Atlantic are making it their own.

I got Nova on the cast to share his knowledge and skills and he definitely delivered! Sitting down with Nova was a pleasure and an enlightening conversation. In fact, I’ve implemented many of his strategies after our talk (most notably his organizational skills). It’s also notable how he approaches a set every night. If you’re a DJ or interested in becoming one, please take a moment to consume this episode. You’ll learn a lot!

Here you will learn:
1. What makes a great DJ
2. What equipment to start with
3. How to compose a mix
4. How to use your current skill set to expand to different fields.

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