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Busayo is a CPA and entrepreneur.  As an accountant, Busayo recognized the opportunity for a more efficient system that could help people file taxes.  After much research, Busayo along with his partners created AskMyUncleSam, a software that helps people understand the tax code – making filing taxes easier.

Using a technology called ‘machine learning,’ ASkMyUncleSam recognizes patterns from thousands of tax and financial inquiries from taxpayers and makes recommendations on deductions and other related tax issues.

Busayo has a knack for creating businesses from the problems we encounter every day.  I brought him on the show to teach us how he spots problems and makes businesses from them.

In this episode you will learn:

1. How he spots business opportunities
2. Why he shut down two companies
3. How he came up with his artificial intelligence tax company
4. How he built a team around him

Things discussed on the show:

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