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I first met Braxton at one of his Brooklyn performances. I immediately noticed how much grace and control he had over his saxophone. As a drum player myself, I knew he had invested years of work into his craft. And because my ambition to continuously improve – in life and in music – never ends, I was eager to speak to him about his journey. My interview with Braxton didn’t disappoint.

Braxton became a talented musician by practicing relentlessly. In his young career, Braxton has already released three solid pieces of work: Sketch (2014), Braxton Meets Butcher Brown (2015) and most recently, Somewhere in Between (2017). At some points, he would practice for 8 hours a day, not including his time studying music theory. It’s no surprise that he’s experienced success at a young age, and still has much more to claim.

But why did he practice so much? Why did he only focus on music? Essentially, music helped Braxton grow because it gave him something to work towards.

I brought in Braxton to teach us how to develop a passion for a craft how to stick with it. You will enjoy this one!

In this episode, you will learn:
1. How he transferred to the highly-selective art school, Julliard;
2. The importance of having support around you;
3. Why he picked up the Saxophone
4. How he practiced for so long;
5. How he balances playing the Saxophone with being a Vocalist.
6. The inspiration behind his recent album “Somewhere in Between.”

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