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Andreas Saltas (@BodMechanic) is one of the most sought-after physical therapists in New York City.  High-level athletes trust him with their bodies.  His list of clients ranges from professional football players (Brandon Marshall, Justin Tuck) to fitness celebrities (Kai Greene, Sadik Hadzovic).  His celebrity clientele, however, doesn’t stop him from helping ordinary people who need help.  Andreas is all about helping people recover.

Andreas became a physical therapist after a terrible motorcycle accident left him bed-ridden for three months.  Unable to move, Andreas depended on his physical therapist to help him through.  Their work left a lasting impression on him.  Now Andreas wants to give back the same way his physical therapist did.

Andreas takes a particular interest in body posture and how it affects our quality of life.  Poor posture, for example, is one of the biggest culprits for much of our pain and discomfort.  Conversely, lack of stress management can also lead to poor posture.  It’s amazing how one thing leads to the next.

With Andreas’ extensive knowledge and passion for human physiology, this is an episode for everyone.  No matter what you do, your posture is important to your well being.  This episode won’t leave you disappointed.

Here you will learn:
1. How your posture is affecting you
2. Why stress management is important
3. Why you should train like a 3-d object
4. How your current shoes are causing you pain
5. Why breathing properly is harder than you think

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