Gaining “Insight” through conversation.

What makes exceptional people exceptional? In this podcast, I break down the practices of the most highly skilled individuals in the world as a way to help everyday people master practical skills to substantially improve their lives. Through talking with talented individuals, “Insight: Conversations on Mastery” is a resource dedicated to helping you become the best, most skilled version of yourself.

Practical Skills

The time you spend here is not ‘spent.’ Rather it is invested in your intelligence and growth. Through careful questions, each guest shares actionable tips that you can use immediately.

Fostering Creativity

We don’t focus on one industry because we believe creativity is a matter of combining seemingly unrelated things together.  Sometimes the best solutions come from fields outside your domain.  By listening to how things are done outside your field, you will come up with creative ways to solve your issues.

Finding your way

Knowing who you are is necessary for success.  By learning yourself, you will find your life’s purpose.  By listening to how others have gained success, you too will be able to create your own path to success.

Meet the Creator

At age 32, I picked up the drums with the mindset to become a professional drummer-musician. Without explanation, most would believe this to be impracticable. But my journey up to this point explains why I chose such a lofty goal this age.